About us

Servicebroker creates service concepts and generates service spaces. Based upon our combined careful analysis of your challenges, we plan and execute need-oriented solutions for you.

Servicebroker is a modern service retailer. As a wholesaler, we can deliver the most favorable conditions to you. Our experience and expertise secures the highest service quality. International enterprises, institutions, and trade fairs trust our all-around service.

Get to know the Servicebroker experience: “More Feeling for Service.”

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Service Design

Service design is the creation of service concepts and the organization of service components. Service design provides solutions for complex challenges which require analytic and need-oriented management.

Servicebroker analyzes your challenges with you, develops a solution process for you, and implements your plan using selected providers with proven service quality.

The goal of our service design, apart from the implementation of concrete solutions, is the optimization of solution strategies, achieved by harmonizing the relationships between the people and machines involved in the solution process.


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